A Self-Righteous Game

Grab your Bible and have a look at Luke 18:9-14 Fasting tends to do all kinds of things to us. Positively, this ancient spiritual practice can lead to a greater awareness of the nearness of God [...]

The Practice of Prayer

Over the course of August, as a church community we’re exploring the practice of prayer as part of our apprenticeship to Jesus. Last week we explored the wonderful invitation that prayer is, and [...]

The invitation of prayer

How is your prayer life?   Do you feel your conversations with your creator are as vibrant, deep and beautiful as you’d like them to be? Do you feel like your ramblings with your redeemer [...]

Prayer & Fasting 2016

In the Gospel of John Jesus says to his disciples “apart from me you can do nothing”. One of the best and most obvious ways that we demonstrate this to be true is in our attitude and approach to [...]