Kingston – Prayer & Fasting – Day 4

Morning all, one of the recurring themes that has come through prophetically, both locally, nationally and internationally is of 2018 being a year of open doors. God opening doors and inviting his church to step through into new seasons, new inheritance and new faith ventures.
In Kingston, having released two new church communities to Wimbledon Village and Cobham last year, we really resonate with those words. With new people joining us, new people stepping into gaps created by those who went to start new communities and new initiatives starting it feels like spring time, despite what I see when I look out the window.
God has been speaking to us about freedom for captives, release for prisoners and good news for the poor. We have seen, particularly in the AM meeting, a real emphasis on freedom from all the works of the enemy. Fear, sickness, relational discord, financial constraint and anything else that stops us being all who God created us to be. Another theme coming through since Dwell last year has been a recall to Psalm 24, of being the generation with clean hands and pure heart, who have not lifted their souls to idols and who become gateways for the Glory of God to flood our lives, our families, our community and our city. In the PM meeting we have been looking at what Father’s love looks like so that we can reflect that to others.
On a practical level we have also seen a number of people coming who are marginalised in terms of accommodation, finances and often health too. Being able to host the Winter Night Shelter for the first time has been a practical response to this. In our desire to serve our community more we continue to host the Domestic Violence One Stop Shop and we now host the Middle Eastern North African women’s group and Kingston RISE, a recovery and social enterprise charity. Our greatest desire is to demonstrate our Father’s love and generosity to our community in Kingston.
Things to pray for Kingston:
  • That Father would continue to add both the lost, hurting, broken and captive and the people to lead them into freedom and wholeness.
  • That we would be passionate demonstrators of what Father’s love looks like and model how family works.
  • That we would increasing be a place our community looks to for support, love and answers.
  • That Father would provide every resource we need to do all of the above.
  • That we would do it all in joyful celebration as we get to be like our Dad.
Looking forward to praying with you in Kingston tomorrow night and breaking our fast together.
Love & blessings
Paul (on behalf of the Kingston eldership team)
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