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In the midst of this crisis where is God?

For many of us Covid-19 and the impact it has had on our society is the most difficult thing we have faced in our lifetimes. Trite answers and platitudes are just not enough in the midst of loss and suffering.

At KingsGate Church, we believe God cares about us as individuals and has answers to the questions we naturally have at a time like this.

We’ve put together a collection of videos that express some of these wrestles and begin to explore possible answers.

#LivingHope series

The living hope series is a collection of short videos as people tell of their own faith journeys or the things they’ve learned in the midst of lockdown.

More questions?

The best place to ask questions about faith is an Alpha course.

It’s a 10 week course specially designed for questions!

Contact the church office to find out when the next course starts.

Here’s a couple of promo clips to give an idea of what an Alpha course is like.

Would you like more information about an Alpha course?

The Adopted Course

The Adopted Course is for anyone who wants to have a closer, more intimate and more real relationship with God.

When we put our trust in Jesus, the bible says we are adopted into God’s family. This means we have to learn a whole new way of relating in this new family and to remove our old habits from the old family.

The Adopted Course helps us identify those old habits, remove them and find healing from the effects of them.

  • The way I now approach and interact with God is totally different. It's revolutionary.

    anon KingsGate Church
  • Recognising the lies of the enemy and learning to reject them has totally changed my life and my perspective.

    anon KingsGate Church
  • The course has given me a quiet confidence in my identity in Christ and has stabilised my emotions. I find it easier to identify lies and carry and unprecedented calmness & peace.

    anon KingsGate Church
  • The reflection time with God made the messages real for me. Very different to other courses I have done.

    anon KingsGate Church
  • I'd never thought of God as a friend. This has totally changed our relationship.

    Anon KingsGate Church
  • My highlight was realising that fear of the dark was a lie and that it had robbed me of the freedom the God had given me through Jesus.

    Anon KingsGate Church

Would you like to run your own Adopted Course?

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