Our Partnerships

Partnerships with purpose


We believe that it is both scriptural and important for the long-term health of a church that it has robust relationships. These relationships include other churches as well as gifted men and women such as those described in Ephesians 4:11 that:

– Provide guidance and perspective
– Strengthen foundations in the church
– Enable partnership in Kingdom initiatives, both locally and abroad.

At KingsGate we are blessed to have a long history of such relationships.

External Accountability

There are three couples which we as the KingsGate eldership have worked with for many years whom we are accountable to, and who we have invited to speak into the life of our church. This is based on our long established relationships and a recognition of their gifting and ability.

These couples are Chris and Meryl Wienand who lead Genesis Church in Costa Mesa, California; Ryan and Melissa Matthews who lead Freedom House in Durban, South Africa and Paul and Tracy Tothill who are planting Freedom House in Adelaide, Australia. We  not only have long relationships with these couples, but each of them also has a long track record of working with and supporting churches around the world.

  • Ryan & Melissa Matthews
    Ryan & Melissa Matthews Freedom House - Balito, South Africa
  • Paul & Tracey Tothill
    Paul & Tracey Tothill Freedom House - Adelaide, Australia
  • Chris & Meryl Weinand
    Chris & Meryl Weinand Genesis Church - Costa Mesa, USA

Genesis Collective

Kingsgate is also part of the Genesis Collective which is a “joint venture” of churches looking to plant new churches and expand the reach of the gospel through local church. Find out more about their work here.


Local Churches and Local Initiatives

At KingsGate we recognise that we cannot do the work of the Kingdom alone and love working with the other local churches in the areas where we meet. Consequently, we are active members of the Churches Together in Britain and Ireland as they find expression in our local communities.


Evangelical Alliance

We are also members of the Evangelical Alliance

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