Men’s Ministry

The adventure of faith

We believe God created male and female in order to equally, but distinctly, represent him. Our society increasingly wants to remove any distinctions and many men feel isolated, purposeless and marginalised. Could this be a contributory factor in deteriorating mental health in men?

Sociological research shows that strong friendships and a deep sense of purpose are necessary for mental & physical health and longevity.

We seek to strengthen and equip men, young and old, to confidently take their place and play their part in God’s great Kingdom adventure in every sphere of life from the home, to the marketplace, to the church.

Current Initiatives

Xtreme Character Challenge

In recent years we have connected with a fantastic organisation called 4M.

It is a worldwide movement of men – a band of brothers – it’s a group of ordinary people living extraordinary lives, with values that are built on Faith, Brotherhood, Adventure & Justice. Their mission is to call men to stand up for the poor, the marginalised, the orphan, the widow, and those trapped in slavery.

4M take men on life-changing adventures called Xtreme Character Challenge (XCC). It is billed as a mind, body, soul adventure and it does what it says on the tin: Men find perspective; they evaluate who they are and they find a purpose worth living for.


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