Post fast pondering

I trust that you are have all enjoyed your breakfast this morning, along with that very missed cup of coffee or tea that you managed without all week.  There is nothing like giving up something [...]

Dwell review 2018

Ah Dwell, that moment in the KingsGate calendar where God always does something special. This year was no exception. Earlier in the year we felt God tell us that the theme for this year should be [...]

My Getaway Experience

Going away with strangers can be a risky business. Especially in London where merely making eye contact, can unleash a world of awkwardness. I’d signed the girls and myself up for KingsGate’s [...]

Blame it on God?

Few things make me happier than powder skiing on a sunny day. When Jesus said he came that we may have life & “life to the full”, I’m not sure he had literal mountain top [...]