Dwell review 2018

Ah Dwell, that moment in the KingsGate calendar where God always does something special. This year was no exception.

Earlier in the year we felt God tell us that the theme for this year should be courage, and him restoring to us the confidence that the rampant lion, our logo, denotes.

Numerous prophetic words, pictures and artwork confirmed the feeling that God was calling us into a new season. Many of us have been in, or still are in, difficult situations, but God wanted to remind us that he is still on his throne , he is still good and he is still faithful to his promises.

It’s incredible when a true father rebukes you, you feel encouraged, rather than beaten up. Ryan’s message on Thursday night reminded us that Jesus is the prize, not the things he has. When we pursue him we get the other things, but when we chase them, at the expense of him, we can end up with nothing.

One Friday night Paul Tothill released a powerful prophetic word about courage being a grace gift, given by God, to enable us to do the things we are currently unable to do. This felt like a really significant word for our future and for God’s plans for KingsGate.

On Saturday morning, two hero’s, Ali Shiels (Liberty Church, N Ireland) and Siobhan Livingstone (Radical Life Church, Cork, Rep of Ireland) shared on their personal journeys of holding onto God’s promises in the midst of delay, discouragement and disappointment.

Ryan ministered again on Saturday night on the Holy Spirit and the absolute necessity of Him filling us if we are to be the courageous ones who take hold of God’s promises and remain courageous in the face of the obstacles life habitually throws at us.

For me one of the great things about Dwell this year is how God has continued to speak about this theme, brought in Paul Tothill’s prophetic word, of crossing over from the wilderness into our promised inheritance, in the weeks since.

On the Sunday after Dwell, in Kingston, Paul Tothill ministered from Deuteronomy 6:5 on loving God. He used the phrase “Be strong and courageous” from Joshua 1 a number of times. I began to think of the last time God gave us a number of words about being strong and courageous. It was in the process of buying our building in Kingston. God was fortifying us for the journey which turned out to be a fairly extreme faith stretch. I was asking him “What are you preparing us for now?” Last time I knew the fight we were in, this time I don’t but my suspicion is it relates to the people he is going to draw to himself through us. In Luke 5:31-32 Jesus answered those who questioned why he hung around with broken people “Healthy people don’t need a doctor—sick people do. I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners and need to repent.”

That evening, in Kingston, Paul released another prophetic word about the importance of prayer, and discovering God’s strategies in the journey into our inheritance. Just doing what we’ve done before will not suffice. God has particular strategy for every obstacle we face.

Lastly, on Sun 4th Nov in Kingston we had a combined meeting with a number of other churches in Kingston. Tri Robinson, a retired American pastor, from Boise, Idaho was speaking. His wife told him in the car on the way to the meeting that he needed to change his message and preach on crossing from the desert into the promised inheritance and what God said about this in Micah 6.

When God lines up people from different parts of the world to bring the same message, you’ve got to think he’s trying to make a point! It would seem right for us to listen and take heed.

For those who missed them I’ve attached links to all the recordings referred to above.

Dwell 2018

Ryan Matthews – Thurs 4th

Paul Tothill – Fri 5th

Siobhan Livingstone – Sat 6th

Ryan Matthews – Sat 6th

Banquet Celebration

Ryan Matthews – Sun 7th

Sunday Preaching

Paul Tothill – Sun 14th Kingston AM

Paul Tothill – Sun 14th Kingston PM

KT Churches meeting

Tri Robinson – Sun 4th Nov Kingston Churches Together






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