Imagine being forced away from your family, loved ones and friends for years, with no end in sight. Imagine being stripped of life’s pleasures – the luxurious, and the simple – [...]

Athens trip (April 2018)

Hi there! I’m Izzy and in April 2018 I joined the Kingsgate team going to Athens to support the refugees. I was super excited to go as I had wanted to join the trip the previous year but [...]

The Rose Ball

It has been reported widely that, following fighting across the Middle East, vast numbers of people are embarking on long and dangerous journeys to Europe. Greece is dealing with a refugee crisis [...]

Athens Trip

Earlier this month, a group of eleven intrepid travellers boarded a British Airways plane to Athens. We were on our way to support a church, partnering alongside the Greek government, assisting [...]

Athens Trips 2016

The current refugee crisis is something we simply cannot ignore. Often over the last few years we have seen the reports and images in the media showing the devastation and magnitude of one of the [...]

Real Poverty. Real Riches

Janine shared a revelation she had with me a few months ago about how our thinking has changed regarding the people we work with here in Delhi. It’s a subtle shift, but it makes a huge difference [...]