Dealing with Disappointment

We have all felt disappointment in our lives at some point; that gap between the truth of what you believe and your experiences, but how do we deal with our disappointments and not allow bitter roots to grow or allow our intimacy with God to be lost?

From my experience the answer is simple yet hard….. Be honest and vulnerable with God. Be honest with God about your feelings, your hurts and even how you feel let down, but never walk away from a conversation with God before you go back to the truth of scripture as your compass and allow God to minister that truth to your heart.

God knows all things anyway and he actually loves for us to pour out our hearts to him, to be real with him like David in the Psalms but David also always finished with the truth about who God is and what he is like.

That’s why it is so crucial for us all to develop a right view of God so that when life shakes us up we can cling to the truth about who God is, not because they are words on a page in a Bible but because we experience Gods goodness, kindness, unconditional love, mercy and forgiveness daily in your intimate walk with Father God. If you know your God then no matter what disappointments come your way you will be able to still stand on solid ground because you KNOW (daily experience) the truth of Gods goodness in your life.

But here’s the thing… Sometimes we can feel its almost too painful to open up and let the pain out, honesty can be painful but I believe it’s only out of a place of being real with God, not a show face or burying things that you can actually get healing, wholeness and breakthrough over your disappointments. It says in psalm 126 v 5-6

“Those who sow in tears
Will reap with songs of joy
He who goes out weeping
Carrying a seed to sow
Will return with songs of joy
Carrying sheaves with him”

There is something beautiful and purifying about crying out to God and pouring your tears to him and I truly believe that being honest with God, casting your disappointments on him, yet still choosing to believe in His goodness will also become the seeds of new joy and breakthrough for you.

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