From Aliens to Wuhan

We love a good conspiracy The Covid-19 crisis has been a veritable medical lab producing a range of new theories to occupy our time, confirm our prejudices and justify our political positions. [...]


Start off with reading Matt 28:1-10. On Sunday, before sunrise, some of the woman set off to the tomb to finish the burial process on Jesus’ body. They went expecting a grieving process as they [...]


Please read Matthew 27:55-66 On Friday Jesus died. Many women had followed Jesus from Galilee to care for his needs. Jesus was dead. Now what? A wealthy man from Arimathea asked for Jesus body [...]


A good place to start would be to read Matthew 27:32-50. Read it slowly. Place yourself in the story. Be present there. Jesus died on Friday. Please stop reading for a moment and let that sink [...]