Fast & Prayer week 2020


‘What do you see?’ is a question that God asks his prophets on a number of occasions. In many instances God gets his prophets to consider something very ordinary like an almond branch or a boiling pot and then shows them his plans through this everyday article. It is amazing what we can see in the ordinary things of life as well as the trials and struggles, when we allow God to open our eyes and see things the way He does.


This question of ‘what do you see?’, is something that we as an eldership believe that God is speaking to us at KingsGate about. What do you see when you look at yourself, your family, your work, KingsGate, this city and nation, the future and what fashions and forms those views? In Colossians 3:1-4, Paul calls us as Christians not to view things from an earthly perspective but from a Kingdom perspective. One aspect of this is to view things today through the future glory of the Kingdom that is ours in Jesus Christ. We may live in the present, but we are a people of the future and we should be a people who have a desire and expectation that the future reality of the Kingdom will break into our nation, our city, our lives.


Nothing reflects that we understand this quite like our prayer life. Prayer is indeed multifaceted and has many expressions but one of those expressions is intercession and intercession is a calling of the future glory of the Kingdom of God into our present reality – ‘Your Kingdom Come!’


If intercessory prayer is the action of calling the future into the present, then fasting is a means by which we can subdue the images and desires of this world and allow God, through his Spirit, to fire our imagination with the possibilities of God’s Kingdom. As Lisa Bevere says, ‘fasting opens your eyes to see what others may miss by increasing your sensitivity to God’. 


So as we pray and fast next week I encourage you all to:


  • reflect on the question ‘What do you see?’,
  • through fasting to allow your eyes to be opened and 
  • through prayer to partner with us in making God’s Kingdom an increasingly present reality in our nation, city, church and lives!


God bless,



Tue, 11th Feb @ 20:00 Cobham

Church Gate House, Downside Bridge Road, Cobham, KT11 3EJ


Wed, 12th Feb @ 19:30 Ham

St Richard’s Primary School, Ashburnham Road, Ham, TW10 7NL


Thur, 13th Feb @ 20:00 Wimbledon Village

The Village Hall, 26 Lingfield Road, Wimbledon, SW19 4QD


Fri, 14th Feb @ 19:30pm Kingston

161a Clarence Street, Kingston, KT1 1QT


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