Alpha at KingsGate by Duncan Mitchell-Innes

What is Alpha all about?

Alpha is a 10 week practical introduction to the Christian faith. We meet for a meal, a talk and an opportunity for discussion. What is remarkable about Alpha is the way that God is using it powerfully as a tool for His purposes.

What does Alpha at KingsGate look like?

We run Alpha at KingsGate at various of times in a year and it is really awe-inspiring seeing God working in all of us involved in the courses. We regularly see salvations, re-dedications, baptisms and healings. People form close friendships and often want to continue meeting as a group, perhaps forming a new connect group. It is extremely exciting being part of Alpha and it’s a privilege to have one’s faith kept sharp by seeing lives changed and God’s power manifested on a regular basis!

The history of Alpha

In 1990 a well known prophet gave a public prophecy that revival would break out in Britain in October 1990. The date came and went and nothing seemed to have happened. However, in fact October 1990 was the month that Nicky Gumbel took over the leadership of Alpha at HTB. Over 18 million people have now done Alpha worldwide and there are currently 30,000 courses running. God is using Alpha as a stream of revival for the UK and worldwide.

One of the great things about Alpha is how easy it makes evangelism for us. Often we want to obey and be part of Jesus’ great commission for us to make disciples of all nations, but we’re not quite sure how to do so in practice.

With Alpha, evangelism can be as easy as simply inviting a friend along to a course. For more involvement, helping in a group is a great simple way for us to be involved in evangelism and advancing the kingdom.

Another amazing way that God is using Alpha is in bringing unity in the body of Christ. Alpha is running across all the major Christian denominations, in Catholic churches and even now in Orthodox churches.

Part of this wide support can be seen in the number and diversity of people who have endorsed Alpha. Below are just three such endorsements taken from the Alpha website:

Wayne Grudem, Theologian and author:

I highly recommend the Alpha Course to everyone interested in discovering how the Christian faith can be exciting and life-changing in the modern world. The course is biblically sound, understandable, and practical. It will have a significant impact on people’s lives and it will strengthen every church in which it is held.

Ugo Monye, England Rugby International:

I fell in love with the whole concept. It is a fantastic tool, which gives me an ability to ask questions, learn a lot more and discuss it all with different people.

Tony Blair, Former UK Prime Minister:

Alpha … is probably the most interesting and incredible thing going on in our Christian world.

What next?

Please take a look at our calendar of events to see when the next Alpha course is running at KingsGate. Everyone is welcome to get involved!

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