Wimbledon Village – Prayer & Fasting – Day 2

Good morning everyone!

You may have woken up this morning hungrier than a bear out of hibernation with the hunger pangs hitting you like a sledgehammer! You may be feeling a bit weak and wondering why on earth are you putting yourself through this. The smell of fresh coffee simmering from one of your favourite coffee outlets further exacerbating your pain!

It’s now when we remind ourselves that the Christian walk is not easy, Jesus never said it would be easy! Why are we doing this? Firstly, Jesus encouraged us to fast and He also demonstrated this by fasting in the desert for 40 days before His ministry on earth began.

Secondly, it is a time of gathering together as the broader KingsGate family, rallying around each other and praying for breakthrough and more of God in our various communities. Holding each other up in prayer with the understanding that when Cobham or one of the other sites succeeds so we all succeed even if you are part of another site. We are part of a bigger story and it’s exciting! Where there is unity the Lord commands a blessing!

Finally, we are humbling ourselves and asking God to strengthen and empower us in our weakness. Trusting for greater measures of His power and breakthrough in our togetherness.

What to pray for…..

For Wimbledon Village we are currently preaching through a series on the Holy Spirit called, “The train of His robe….” And would appreciate you supporting us in prayer during this pivotal time.

  • For an increase of God’s presence in our individual lives and corporate gatherings. General rising of the “water table” as it were.
  • For an increase in God encounters, Holy Spirit baptisms, dreams, etc.
  • An increase in signs, wonders and miracles in our midst and everyday lives.
  • For the lost to be drawn into our gatherings by the Holy Spirit.

Looking forward to seeing some of you tonight at the Trinity United Reformed church, Mansel Road Centre, 1 Mansel Road, SW19 4AA at 7:30pm!

Lots of love,

Carl and Bron

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