Praying around the world – Fast 23 – Day 3

In Genesis 2:18 God says “It is not good that the man should be alone” and I think the same is true for churches. When churches get isolated they a) run the risk of getting terribly inwardly focused and/or b) slipping into all kinds of wayward doctrines and practices – both of these things are really dangerous. Fortunately, Kingsgate is not like that and we have a number of wonderful relationships with other churches both locally and all over the world and it is for these churches that I would love us to pray today. In particular, I want to pray for the leaders. Over the last number of months, we have become aware of so many leaders who are undergoing difficult situations e.g., health, finances, loss of
family members, sudden and unexpected opposition, etc.… To lead a church is to put yourself on the frontline of spiritual warfare in ways which impact not only you but your whole family. So today let us lift up in prayer the people mentioned below. If during your time of prayer, you feel that God has given you a prophetic word of encouragement, please write it down so we can pass it on to them.

If you are stuck regarding what areas to pray for here are 5 great prayer points you can use:
● Pray for the spiritual walk of these leaders. That they find increasing joy in their relationship with Jesus,
● Pray for their provision,
● Pray for their relationships,
● Pray for their protection,
● Pray for the effectiveness of their ministry.

KingsGate has always made a big effort to engage and partner with other local churches. Here are some local leaders that we would love you to pray for:
● Adam and Gen Rylett, St Pauls, Kingston
● Jerry and Camilla Field, St Johns, Hampton Wick
● Phil and Caroline Ellwood, Kings Church
● John and Sophie Ford, Kings Church
● Ioannis and Cheray Dekas, Doxa Deo
● Carl and Bronwyn Lunderstedt, The Mission, Raynes Park/Wimbledon
● Mike and Margaret Branscombe. St. Andrews Church, Cobham.
● Bryan and Tori Siletti. St. Andrew’s Church. Living and working on the Northfield Estate
in Cobham
● Kim Plumpton, United Church Cobham
● Dan Balston, United Church, Cobham

For many years now we have been working with Jason and Ali Shiels in Ireland. This has been a delight for us and has resulted in a number of strong relationships forming:
● Jason and Ali Shiels, Liberty Church, Cookstown
● Darryl and Nicki Bain, Vibe Church, Armagh
● Rick and Siobhan Livingston, Radical Life, Cork
● David and Sandy Williamson, South City Church, Dublin
● Neil and Judith Dawson, Grace Community Church, Richhill
● Jono and Kerry DeGee, Riverway Church, Aylesbury
● Dylan and Anna Russell, True Life Church, Milton Keynes

The Genesis Collective is a collaboration of churches from all over the world that are working together to plant and strengthen churches. Over the last three years The Genesis Collective has worked in USA, Mexico, Canada, Nicaragua, Wales, England, Holland, Portugal, Germany,
Czech Republic, Greece, Lebanon, UAE, France, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cambodia, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho, South Africa, Ethiopia, Thailand, Turkey, Costa Rica, Uganda, Congo, Cambodia, Philippines, Malawi and Guatemala. It is a really encouraging
global story! Michelle and I are on the Genesis Collective Leadership team and have had the privilege of getting to know a number of (but certainly not all) the leaders who are part of thisadventure. These are just a few that I would love you to pray for:
● Chris and Meryl Wienand, Genesis Church, Costa Mesa – Team leaders,
● Terry and Linda Fouche, Mercy Town, Pasadena, USA
● David and Rebecca Ganeshalingam, Sri Lanka
● Robert and Sarah Stephens, The Arc, Coimbatore
● Sajith and Michelle Premachandra, Negombo, Sri Lanka
● Matt and Kristen Larsen, Anthem Church, Thousand Oaks, USA

Freedom House is a church in Durban, South Africa that is led by Ryan and Melissa Matthews. Ryan and Melissa used to lead Kingsgate and have played a significant role in the KingsGate story. Unfortunately, due to Covid and a number of other reasons, it has not been possible to
have them with us for the last couple of years – hopefully that can change soon! Please lift them up in prayer, particularly as there are many challenges facing Durban as a city right now.

On behalf of all leaders, thank you for your prayer.! Looking forward to seeing you tonight where we can continue to pray into these relationships a bit more.
Much love,

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