Prayer & fasting – Day 2


The area of money and finances can often be a source of anxiety for many of us and at the moment this is exacerbated by the financial uncertainty brought about by the Covid crisis. At least part of the reason for our stress is that we put our ultimate faith for provision in our ability to generate income rather than in God who is the one who gives you and I the ability to produce wealth. Our Father does not desire our poverty, and he knows exactly what we need even before we are aware of it ourselves. He is also faithful to provide all our needs according to his riches in glory. He provides a feast out of a small picnic; he places coins in the mouths of fish and he provides oil that never runs out! He feeds those he loves with bread that falls from heaven or is transported by ravens to distant caves! He is the God who is a Good Father and that is why David can cry out in one of his psalms, “I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.” Psalm 37:25.

When it comes to the area of provision, what God desires is that we trust him, and we demonstrate this trust when we honour him with our finances – through generosity, caring for the poor, sowing into the Kingdom of God, tithing etc. When we do this, and seek first his Kingdom and righteousness, he promises that he will provide all that we need. What an amazing promise that is! So as we pray and fast today, we do so to a Father who knows how to give good gifts and who has promised ‘never to leave us or forsake us’ (Heb 13:5) as we trust him in the area of provision! 

Areas of prayer for today:

  1. Let’s pray for those needing work – praying for jobs that have dignity and generous provision. 
  2. Let’s pray for small businesses during this time. For wisdom to cope with the countless challenges but also opportunities for new and lucrative business contracts which spur growth.
  3. It would also be good to pray into the area of debt. It is not God’s desire for his people to be entangled in debt so let’s pray for wisdom, help and miraculous provision to clear debts.
  4. Finally I would love us to pray for the church’s finances and that God would provide all we need to do what he is calling us to.


Much love,



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