Fasting & Prayer – Day 3 – Wimbledon Village

“Fasting is a call to voluntarily embrace weakness in order to experience more of God’s Power and Presence.”¹

Good Morning KingsGate!

WHAT A PRIVILEGE it is to get to work alongside other communities, to partner together, share stories, pray for each other … and to FAST together! To know that we are not alone! 

I was one who was mightily impacted during the KingsGate fast last year, through witnessing the passion of so many people praying and hungering together, laying down comforts together, and together believing in a bigger story … that there just simply must be more! More of Jesus to encounter, more salvations to be seen, more of the miraculous, more love and more unity among us all. THANK YOU FOR LAST YEAR! I was ministered to in a new way; your hunger for Jesus was imparted to me; and on top of that I was blown away that so many would come to visit us on a week night at our Sunday meeting venue. What I witnessed last year has made me all the more eager to get fasting together again this year! 

What are our prayer requests at KingsGate Wimbledon Village?  “We want HIM!” We want to know His love in deeper ways. We want to have our ears and hearts opened to the ‘new’ way He is doing things. We want to be empowered with courage to let go of old ways and false expectations … and to be clothed with boldness to hunger after the truth, to be re-aligned where needed and to embrace each sharpened revelation that He is wanting to tell or show us. A deep prayer is for The Word of God to be alive and active in our community, sharper than any double-edged sword. We desire to be a people so lavished in His love that “the things of this earth grow strangely dim” in the light of the bigger picture of eternity. We desire an outpouring of Holy Spirit in a measure that raises dead bones, dead souls and dead dreams to life. 

Close to 3 years ago, we were launched out as KingsGate Wimbledon Village. There are many heroes who took the leap to come and risk this adventure alongside us. We quite simply take our hat off to each one of you and we THANK YOU for your trust, your encouragement and your belief in this vision.  This community is made up of extraordinary individuals who have already laid down so many comforts in so many ways. Individuals who have stepped out boldly in their giftings, been consistent in turning up Sunday after Sunday out of sheer faith and belief in a bigger story. We honour and are inspired by each and every one of them! We would also ask at this time of prayer and fasting for specific prayer for the individuals who make up this precious community that is KingsGate Wimbledon Village. For each one to experience the fruitfulness of their faith and labour, for sustained protection on the path ahead and for the desires of their (our) hearts to be met. 

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!! We are SO excited about this journey we are all on together as KingsGate. We love you all and look forward to seeing you tonight at the Wimbledon Village Hall; 26 Lingfield Road; SW19 4QD … 8PM! 

Love from Bron and All at KGWV xxx


¹ “The Rewards of Fasting; Experiencing the Power and Affections of God” by Mike Bickle with Dana Candler. ISBN 0-9776738-1-2

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