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My name is Sue and I run our Foodbank collection point here at Kingsgate Kingston. I know the church we pass our foodbank items to within our borough (one of five distribution points here in Kingston) really appreciate every item we provide, as our spare food items make such a difference to people’s lives. Foodbank Kingston is part of a network of foodbanks run by the Trussell Trust, a charity run on Christian principles.

Image result for the trussell trustFoodbank Kingston will be even more of a lifeline to residents in the coming weeks and months as the national system providing benefits to residents who are unable to work or can’t find work is undergoing a huge change on 20 June. From this date onwards, new claims or a change of circumstances will mean the applicant will have to apply for their benefit (‘Universal Credit’) online and the range of benefits will be paid as a single monthly payment to a person’s bank account, in arrears.

This is likely to cause great upheaval to many residents affected in Kingston, some of whom may not have a bank account, an internet connection or an email address. There is also a waiting period before benefits will come through and a number of barriers with the new system which can cause problems with payments. Many of us would have savings or have friends and family who could chip in, however for a number of residents this support is simply not available due to a number of reasons which can include relationship breakdown, bereavement or severed family ties, illness, learning difficulty, disability, mental health issues or insecure or low paid employment and often a combination of two or more of these factors.

When people are desperate for food and visit the foodbank following a referral from a GP or other service they will receive not only a few days’ supply of food but also friendly, loving Christians who are extending God’s love and compassion. Your food donations enable all of this to happen, and in many cases enable lives to be turned around. People never forget the compassion they have been shown and this plants seeds of hope in their lives.

Please pick up a leaflet from the Get Involved desk for more details of how you can contribute, all items are gratefully received. Together we are making a huge differenc


Click below to see the pamphlet with details of what food to bring in and drop off at the Get Involved desk. 

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