Dwell 17: What are you expecting?

Tomorrow evening, the KingsGate church family make their way to Kingston from all corners of SW London (and perhaps beyond). We have booked our places and carved out the time. Some of us will fight the early evening traffic, or endure a stuffy train ride. We will shove some food down as we scramble to get out the door. Or spend our hard earned pounds on some oily, and possibly unsatisfying takeaway. We may grab the third (or ninth) coffee of the day as we pass through town whilst hoping the kids will be okay with the babysitter. Maybe we will have the kids with us, glad that they get to be a part of this, but quietly nervous about how the morning routine is going to go the next day. Some of us will be rushing like crazy because we are running late and are rostered to volunteer!

Why all the fuss? Why all the effort?

The answer, I believe, lies in our expectation. Every one of us has an expectation of Dwell. It may be spoken or unspoken, but an expectation is there.

What are you expecting?

This is a good question to ask ourselves, because expectation is an important ingredient to an event like this.

I often liken expectation to a lightning rod. In parts of the world, many buildings have these lightning rods protruding from roofs or chimneys. Whist technically they don’t attract the lightning from afar, they do draw lighting nearby that is seeking a path of least resistance to the ground.

Staying with the analogy, one can liken the activity of heaven – what is happening in God’s unseen space – to lighting, as His kingdom begins to manifest on earth – or our space. Just like a lightning rod, our expectation draws that activity down into our lives and provides a path of least resistance for God to move in and through us.

What are you expecting?

Moving from an electric storm to a family living room. As a father of two beautiful kids I have had the privilege of feeling the expectation of my son and daughter when they have sought me out and demanded that we wrestle or watch a film, or listen to music, or make up a story or sit together and draw maps of mystery islands. The pull of their expectation of me is almost irresistible! What father says “no” to that? What father pulls away and denies his kids that desire?

Dwell is time for us to raise the lighting rod of our expectation, drawing the activity of heaven to us. It is a time seek the face of our perfect Father, and make a demand (in the best possible sense) on him.

What are you expecting?

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