Dwell 17: Lift Up Your Heads

In 2 Timothy 1:4, Paul encourages Timothy to `Guard the Good deposit`.  

As the Word of The Lord is shared by men and women over the time of Dwell 17, I believe that a great spiritual deposit will be made into our lives. As the Word is shared for some, the Holy Spirit will fall upon us; I am reminded of Peter the Apostle who went into Cornelius` house and began preaching. It goes onto say that as he was speaking the Holy Spirit fell on those present. Let us have an Expectancy / Hunger that as the Word is shared that the Holy Spirit will fall on us.

Praise and Worship

Psalm 24 Was a theme for us two years ago, I would like to focus on vs7 and vs8.

Lift up your heads: We are all in different stages of life but let us come and turn our countenance / faces heaven wards. You gates: Let us have a Gate of praise formed in our lives whether we are on the mountain tops or in the valleys. That the KING of Glory may come IN: God is pictured as many things, but in this context HE is a KING and when a King comes, a King comes to Deliver and set people free etc. So as we Lift our faces heavenwards, we form this gate of PRAISE in our lives, God comes as a KING to encounter his people. Yet again my encouragement is come with Expectancy/Hunger to encounter the KING of KINGS. 


Paul writes about Timothy. I have no one else like him, who will show genuine concern for your welfare. Lets us make every effort to hear the the stories of what has been happening in the different sites. 

Come with an expectant heart, hungry to encounter the KING of KINGS. So that we can impact the world we live in.


Ps. It`s gonna be a four course meal 🙂

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