Dwell 2017 – Light in the Darkness

As I write this we’re 3 weeks away from Dwell 2017!

I’m getting really excited as we look ahead to this time of encountering God together and being envisaged and inspired together. I know Dwell has played such a big catalytic part in so many people’s lives over the years and this year we’re expecting even more!

Just to whet your appetites, I wanted to share with you a little about what has emerged as a theme for this year. We’ve landed on a tagline of:

“Light in the Darkness”.

This year, amidst our celebration and rejoicing and intimate encounter, we want to focus on what it means to be a people where God dwells – a temple, where heaven invades earth. As a conference, Dwell is an extravagant celebration of God, and his presence with us. We want to explore what it means and what it looks like to carry Him, His presence, His Kingdom – his LIGHT! – into the world around us.

We’re excited about seeing every person who comes to Dwell leave with a reinforced personal sense of ownership and responsibility of our own role is bringing heaven on earth in the world around us – of being His light and love in a very real and concrete way. This springs from intimate encounter with God, and a clear understanding of our identity and thus our authority. These are topics you can expect to see coming through in the teaching times.

Encounter with God should lead us to an overflow of sharing Him and His light with the world around us. As heaven invades our lives it pours out into the world around us. We’re excited about seeing more of God’s kingdom breaking in and His light going forth, and us being His hands and feet to to serve and love and shape the world around us.

We really want everyone to come along expectant and excited for what God would do in this special time. Please be praying even now and listening to the Holy Spirit as we approach Dwell 2017. We’ll be trying to help with this focus by sending out blogs and a weekly email with thoughts from various people. Do send us anything you’re feeling God saying prophetically to us all.

See you in 3 weeks!


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