On the first day of the week

From the earliest days, the church formed a tradition of gathering to worship on the day after the Jewish sabbath, the day we now call Sunday or “first day of the week”.

The church has gathered to worship in every conceivable place. From caves to cathedrals this ancient weekly pattern has been observed. We now have the opportunity, with recent government guidelines,  to gather in ways we haven’t before, getting together outdoors in groups of 6 or indoors with two households worshipping together. We trust you take fully advantage of what we can do and encounter God in new ways.

Sunday Service Guidelines

We would love you to be able to get the most out of the Sunday service package each week. Here is Keath explaining how.

Sunday 18 October 2020

Celebrating 25 years

You may be fortunate to have someone in your household who plays an instrument. If not, our talented sister and brother team, Louise and David Campion, have been recording a new Sunday worship set every week since the end of March. This means we now have a large catalogue of worship sets to use. With lockdown restrictions easing David needs to give his time to work that pays, but we are massively grateful for the work he and Lou have put in over the last few months.

Don’t worry about the dates on the videos, each week we’ll pick one of the back catalogue to use. We’re really looking forward to seeing how Holy Spirit speaks in different ways through the worship sets at different times….. a new opportunity for Him to display his genius!

Click on the link below to find this weeks worship lyrics.



Today Michelle Gaitskell explores the theme of kindness through the character of Boaz in the book of Ruth.

Kindness – Questions


  1. Do you think that kind acts can be powerful, and what if any examples come to mind?
  2. Do you recognise that kindness in its fullest sense is a fruit of the spirit, and something that we can all grow in with help from God, elaborate?
  3. Are there areas that you can think of in our present world, that we as Christians, can slipstream along with that are ultimately unkind, please give examples and chat about what you could do to change this?



  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would increase kindness as a fruit of the spirit within us, and pray that the Holy Spirit will make us aware of any unkindness within us, and within our attitudes.
  • Pray that during this continued covid-19 time that we, the Church, both individually and within our communities will find ways to be kind to those around us, that we won’t shy away from acts of kindness the Holy Spirit leads us to.
  • Pray for The Church within this nation to continue to support the broader communities within which they live, like we saw on the video ‘love your neighbour’ last week



During this time of unprecedented ‘lockdowns’ and ‘distancing’, there’s much that we can’t do. Yet, in a certain sense, we can join with followers of Jesus in homes around the world (and indeed in homes over the last twenty centuries) as we take communion together.

The simple symbols of communion – bread and wine – are rich with meaning orienting us within the Biblical story. Communion is grounded in the gospel story in which we encounter and ‘feast on’ God’s self-giving love, that we might have kindled in us a self-giving love for God, for others, and for God’s good creation.

Here is a simple liturgy to guide you through taking communion together as a household. If there are at least 3 of you, you might choose to have a different person read each numbered section below.

Set out the bread and the wine (or whatever alternatives you might be using at home).


1: Lord of Creation,

from your loving hands you have made us all. 

Every person, young and old, every creature, great and small. 

All nature sings with vibrant diversity

Emerged from your bounty of grace and generosity. 

Yet your good world is stained, stretched and swollen. 

Your beloved creation distorted by our sin

In silence we sit, hearing earth’s groan

Your contorted cosmos, our hurting home. 


Allow a minute of silence as you reflect


2: Lord of Liberation, 

A crown formed of thorns you wore 

as the crowd declared their angry scorn

Water and blood from your pierced side poured

As the temple’s curtains wide open were torn

The Prince of Peace lay crushed by human violence

As the skies dimmed and darkened and the indignant mob was silenced

Behold the The Son of Man who came from above

Behold the Son of God, gave up his life for love. 


Pass around and take of the bread and the wine, symbolic of Jesus’ body, broken for you, and his blood shed for you. When everyone has done so, read the final prayer stanza below.


3: Lord of Resurrection Life,

On your broken body we sip and we chew

We feast on your fallen frame raised anew

Your life now our life, sustained and restored

Breath to our bones, death-defeating Lord. 

Let us see from your eyes, heal our blindness

Form in us true Christlikeness

Though now this world groans, strains and strives

Jesus, creator, liberator, he’s alive! 



**Thanks to Clark Buys for putting this communion liturgy together.

Ruth – Lesson 5 – The power of Kindness


Hello to all our Parents and Children,

This week we are looking at the theme of kindness that we see all over the book of Ruth.  I’m sure you love it when someone is kind to you – well we all do don’t we? It makes us feel good inside (Makes our hearts happy) and that affects the way we feel on the outside too, in fact I bet it puts a smile on your face.

Sometimes something as special as kindness can be difficult to describe as kindness can look like a lot of different things and so the best way to describe it is by seeing it in action.

In the story of Ruth we can find so many things that happen that are kind, and this week we’re going to look at Boaz and see how kind he was.

Who was Boaz? Well Boaz was a relation of Naomi’s – not a close one like an Uncle, but a distant relative, like say a cousin that you don’t often see.  Read Ruth 2 & 3 to learn about Boaz

Boaz owned land and when Naomi and Ruth came to live in Bethlehem the only way they could get any food to eat was by walking behind the people who were cutting down the barley or the wheat and pickup any bits left on the floor – this was called gleaning.

Gleaning – thats a big word – what is it?  Well I’ve just explained that havent I?  Let me tell you a bit more – it was a law that God had made in order to look after the poor people and to help them get some food.  God made this law because he is kind and he thinks about people who are poor, and wants to care for them, but God also wants us to be kind so he shows us what he wants us to do so we’ll learn to be kind too.  Boaz was an amazing man and when he met Ruth for the first time she was gleaning in the field that belonged to him – he looked after her as he knew how kind and sweet she’d been to Naomi.  Boaz was so kind he made his men leave extra bits of barley on the floor for her so she’d have food to pick up – he also gave her food at lunchtime, and he sent her home with what was left over so that Naomi could get food too.

When Ruth went home after her first day of gleaning, she told Naomi about her day and Naomi was so happy to hear about how kind Boaz had been – you see Boaz made a very hard day easy for Ruth because he was so kind.  Naomi then remembered that Boaz was actually a relative and she said that he was a very special relative who was called a kinsman redeemer.

What is a kinsman redeemer – well they’re a person who is a part of your family that has a very special job to do – they, if they are asked, can help someone in their family who has no husband, they have to buy your land and marry you, and look after you.  If they agree to be your kinsman-redeemer it is a very happy day for you if you are not married and have nobody to look after you like Ruth and Naomi – and this is exactly what Boaz did.  Ruth asked him to be her kinsman redeemer and he says yes!

Now I know I’ve told you quite a bit about this story children – you see Boaz was like the hands of God to Ruth and Naomi – because he was so kind to them, he did what nobody else wanted to do for them – doesn’t this remind you about how kind Jesus is to us – it makes me think of Jesus – I mean Jesus was so kind that he gave up his life for us so that we could be forgiven and be with him forever –  sometimes when things are super tough, I want you to remember how kind and amazing Boaz is, and then think about how kind and amazing Jesus or God the Father or the Holy Spirit is… and when you read through the bible remember to look to see how many times we see the kindness of God towards his people.


Activity 1:   Lie down and close your eyes and think about 3 kind things someone has done for you and then tell your Mum or your Dad about that

Ask God to help you be more kind in all you do – we all need help from God and guess what – kindness is a fruit of the Spirit so we need help from God to get it. (Galatians 5:22)

Now pray to God to help you decide on something kind you’re going to do for someone else – once he tells you then tell your Mum or your Dad, and do it – that’s the challenge.


Activity 2: Colour in this picture to help you be reminded to be kind at every opportunity – click here


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Giving is part of our worshipful response to God. It is an ackowledgement that everything, even in the most difficult circumstances, comes from him and that we are ultimately dependant on him for our daily bread.

Giving can be done via ChurchSuite online giving facility.


Alternatively, you can give directly through the bank account.

Account Name: KingsGate Church (Kingston)

Account Sort code: 40-52-40

Account Number: 00019298

Reference: please reference your giving with your Gift Aid reference number if you have one.

In addition to your regular giving you can give specifically towards the needs of those inside and outside the KingsGate family, and even specify the name of a person, family or initiative thar you would like the gift to go to. This could be a wonderful opporunity to practice something of the Acts 4 church:

“…All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had. With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all that there were no needy persons among them. For from time to time those who owned land or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales and put it at the apostles’ feet, and it was distributed to anyone who had need..”


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