From Aliens to Wuhan

We love a good conspiracy The Covid-19 crisis has been a veritable medical lab producing a range of new theories to occupy our time, confirm our prejudices and justify our political positions. [...]

Jesus our example

Philippians 2 Philippians 2 contains a beautiful ancient hymn which many people consider to be the centre around which this wonderful letter was written. The words found in verse 6 through to 11 [...]

Come Away With Me

“Rise up, my darling! Come away with me, my fair one!” Song of Solomon 2:13 Last year we had the great privilege of travelling through Death Valley in the USA.  It is one of my favourite places [...]

Hope is our Weapon

For some reason I had been told that the movie “The Passion” did not include the resurrection but finished with the crucifixion of Jesus. So there I sat in the Cinema on a weekday afternoon [...]

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