Becoming a person of love

Central to the Way of Jesus, is becoming a person of love. Being a follower of Jesus invites us into a lifestyle which shapes us into people who love God, love humanity (including our local and [...]

The Practice of Prayer

Over the course of August, as a church community we’re exploring the practice of prayer as part of our apprenticeship to Jesus. Last week we explored the wonderful invitation that prayer is, and [...]

The invitation of prayer

How is your prayer life?   Do you feel your conversations with your creator are as vibrant, deep and beautiful as you’d like them to be? Do you feel like your ramblings with your redeemer [...]

The Lord is at Hand

This last Sunday we finished our Philippians series with Ian Ford sharing on Philippians chapter 4. Here’s some reflection/discussion questions after reading through Philippians 4. In this [...]

A dramatic re-evaluation

In the bible, we first see Paul as the man holding the coats of the Jewish men who were stoning Stephen for preaching about Jesus and the living King of all. We’re told he was approving of [...]


Imagine being forced away from your family, loved ones and friends for years, with no end in sight. Imagine being stripped of life’s pleasures – the luxurious, and the simple – [...]

Rowing Together

This last Sunday, Chris Wienand preached in KingsGate Kingston AM. As always, you might find it really useful to further discuss and reflect on what he preached on. Watch the below video, and [...]

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